Prestashop Managed Hosting Services 100% Guaranteed


Our service is simple: We take care of all server related issues of your Prestashop eCommerce website. You not only host your website with us, but we also manage and optimize everything on your behalf. It is similar to buying a car and receiving a full warranty and benefit from free oil changes and car maintenance. It is the ultimate peace of mind for your business. If we fail to meet our promises, we will 100% refund your money.

Unmanaged Hosting: A server is rented from the hosting provider and you are entirely in charge of all service and server maintenance duties.

Self-Managed Hosting: It is a Hybrid solution where the hosting provider is responsible for some basic maintenance tasks. However, the day to day operations and server issues will be in your hands.

Prestashop Managed Hosting Services 100% Guaranteed: You pay a Premium for the absolute peace of mind because we take care of everything. Starting at $150 per month.

Website Bunker

Sell Online Confidently

An essential for any e-commerce store is the shopping cart. The shopping cart is the heart of an e-commerce website, and Website Bunker is pleased to offer optimized hosting for Prestashop, a leading software known for its robust shopping cart solutions.

Powerful Built-In Features to Help You Sell More

Prestashop is one of the most popular online shopping carts on the market. Its community is very strong and it features many functionalities and plugins, a decent efficiency and modifications are rather simple. All these elements make it one of the best shopping carts available. When compared to other systems, Prestashop is quite intuitive, easy to manage and remains the most complete solution to this day.

Website Bunker
Website Bunker

High Performance, Secure Prestashop Hosting

When your organization is ready to migrate to a best-in-class e-commerce solution like Prestashop, there is only one partner to turn to for hosting: Website Bunker. Our innovative hardware arrangements ensure that your Prestashop platform is hosted in an advanced environment that provides the most optimal performance possible. Our team supports hundreds of web hosting companies like yours, with the support tailored to match their unique needs.

Experienced server administration

We help server owners implement the right solution the first time, so that they don’t have to lose money, time and business uptime while chasing wrong, cookie-cutter solutions. We have over 15 years of experience in managing web hosting infrastructure and supporting web hosting customers. New to hosting and need a place to start? Let the Managed Hosting Team guide you in the right direction.

Website Bunker
Website Bunker

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

It pays to be paranoid when it comes to server security and performance. Something as innocuous as a memory spike could be an indicator of website abuse, or even a spam campaign on the sly. That is why we keep a close watch on server metrics 24/7 and investigate anything that’s even remotely suspicious. To be 100% sure, we periodically audit the servers to fine tune performance and fortify server security. Our experts are always at hand to help you fix server issues, and to keep your server stable & secure.

Prestashop Hosting Demo Store

Test drive an installation of Prestashop hosted on a Website Bunker optimized platform container and experience the difference of speed!

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Looking for the best Prestashop hosting?

With Website Bunker Prestashop hosting you get

  • POWER Boost — Having a sales boom? We’ll speed up your Prestashop site by adding a temporary memory boost to cover your Prestashop hosting requirements.
  • FREE Migration — Worried about the cost or the delay in changing Prestashop hosts? No problem — We’ll handle migrating your Prestashop store from your existing supplier.
  • FREE Optimisation — We will optimise your Prestashop store to improve performance and recommend changes in your code to improve page load times across your Prestashop site.
  • SCALABLE Packages — Our Prestashop hosting packages are scalable to grow with your business.
  • SUPERIOR Support — We will automatically monitor your Prestashop shop operation 24/7 and respond to all support requests within just 2 hours.
  • ONGOING Consultancy — We’ll help the eCommerce side of your business grow as traffic increases to your Prestashop site by suggesting helpful plug-ins and upgrades.

Not sure which package is right for your hosting needs? Call our friendly team to discover more.

Plans & Pricing

Premium Prestashop Web Hosting

Start Your Prestashop Website Today!

Launched - 1 hour or less

Presta100 Advanced
Starting At
  • 10GB of Storage
  • 1TB of bandwith
  • Firewall + Malware protection
  • Backup 30 days
Presta100 Pro
Starting At
  • 20GB of Storage
  • 2TB of bandwith
  • CDN + Firewall + Malware protection
  • Dual Backup 30 days and 90 days
Presta100 Turbo
Starting At
  • 30GB of Storage
  • 3TB of bandwith
  • CDN + Firewall + Malware protection
  • Triple Backup 30 days and 2x90 days

High Performance, Secure Ecommerce Hosting

Scale Your Online Store’s Growth With Secure Hosting From Website Bunker

eCommerce - 5 minutes or less of downtime

Presta100 Gold
Starting At
  • 50GB of Storage
  • 5TB of Bandwith
  • CDN + Firewall + Malware protection
  • Quadruple Backup 14 Day 30 days and 2x90 days
  • Powered by cloud
Presta100 Platinum
Starting At
  • 100GB of Storage
  • 10TB of Bandwith
  • CDN + Firewall + Malware protection
  • Quadruple Backup 14 Day 30 days and 2x90 days
  • Powered by cloud
Presta100 Enterprise
Starting At
  • From 1.2TB of Storage
  • From 20TB+ Bandwith
  • CDN + Firewall + Malware protection
  • Quadruple Backup 14 Day 30 days and 2x90 days
  • Dedicated cloud

Technical Specifications


  • Staging environment included
  • Nginx + Apache
  • PHP Cache - Zend Cache
  • Memcache
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Daily File Backups
  • Daily Database Backups
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • SSH Access
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Faster or Free
  • Built to ensure lower latency path to your customers
  • Time To First Byte (TTFB) less than 2 seconds
  • Support response time 30 minutes or less
  • Network availability 100%
  • Network latency 2 milliseconds or less
  • Hardware replacement 5 minutes or less
  • Power/electricity 100% availability

Moving to Website Bunker has never been easier!

We will move your website files and databases from your old web hosting account to your new Website Bunker hosting account!


Free Prestashop Migration Service

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Additional Prestashop Services

All of our support team at Website Bunker are based in Canada and are highly experienced in all aspects of the Prestashop ecommerce platform. We’ve been supporting Prestashop customers for the best part of 10 years so it’s safe to say we’ve encountered and resolved our fair share of issues. In short, when it comes to Prestashop, you’re in good hands.