Are you ready to reach new levels with your online store?

We all know that a small business cannot afford to hire a full IT and marketing team to run their online business. Neither, it would make sense to hire a highly skilled online marketing guru without a team to support him with his great ideas. That is why we come into play and allow you for partnering with a complete team of eCommerce specialists with a proven track record of achievements, at a lower monthly cost than a minimum wage unskilled-employee. Our specialized services become available for a fraction of the price of hiring in-house.

The Process

Known as the 80/20 principle (Pareto Law), it dictates that 80% of your returns, in your case, business profits, will come from just 20% of your/ products or services. Hence, we will identify those with you and will focus 80% of our efforts/actions on those. When assisting you in operating your internet business, our goal is not to do as much as we can, but to rather focus on achieving as much as you/we can on the things that will most impact the results. We will help you concentrate on the ultra-profitable 20% of clients/customers, and eliminate as much of the fluff as we possibly can.

Our goal is to identify how we can create value for your organization and make sure that it is better off every month. We will achieve it by clearly identifying, areas of growth, what drives value for your potential customers, promoting your Value Proposition, identifying higher value segments and focus on higher margin products and higher value customers.

Our team of experts will be available to help increase conversion rates and create an optimal experience for your customers.


Prestashop Store Management

You are busy managing your business, and you cannot hire a full team of IT and graphic designers to manage the daily operations of your eCommerce website.

For a nominal monthly fee, we will take care of: hosting, emails, product updates/uploads, image creating/edits, Adwords campaign management; and routine maintenance.

Our goal is to free up your time by taking care of all the small tasks required to run your business so you can focus on increasing your sales.