How do I make Prestashop run faster?

Prestashop cannot be hosted on a shared server where hundreds of other websites can access the server's resources simultaneously. Since it contains hundreds of features, modules, themes, and plugins, the Prestashop platform requires a lot of processing power; memory; and specific settings to perform optimally.


How can I speed up my PrestaShop website quickly?

  • Using a powerful web server
  • Avoid shared servers
  • Use Raid Hard SSD Drives
  • Using PHP accelerators
  • Image and file optimization
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Prestashop Store Settings
  • Server Configurations (Root access mandatory)
  • Minimally use a VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud Server
  • Avoid Pre-Installed Prestashop configurations


Boost the speed of your Prestashop Ecommerce

You probably know about how your loading speed directly affects a lot of other metrics, such as conversion rates, bounce rates and user satisfaction rates. Just by shaving off a good fraction of your loading times, you would see your SERPs being higher, traffic being higher and sales being higher.


How to make your Prestashop website load faster?

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