Our SSL/TLS Certificate Products

Domain Validated (DV)Certificates

These require businesses to prove their control over just the domain name. The certificate contains the domain name that was supplied to the issuing authority as part of the request. Because the identity of the organisation is not checked here, Domain Validated certificates are the most basic level of SSL certification, and are only appropriate for test servers and internal links.

Domain Validated
Organization Validated

Organization Validated (OV)Certificates

Certificates that have been organisation validated require you to supply information about your organisation. This means the organisation is validated as legitimate before the certificate is issued.

Extended Validation (EV)Certificates

Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificates provide the flexibility of Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates with Extended Validation security. This is an unbeatable value that provides branded green-bar assurance across all of your websites with a single certificate. An unlimited server license comes standard.

Extended Validation

Multi-Domain (MD)Certificates

Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates (sometimes known as SAN Certificates) use Subject Alternative Names to let you secure up to 250 server names with one certificate. These SSL Certificates are perfect for environments or platforms where you need to secure multiple sites across different domains (e.g., Microsoft Exchange or OCS). Plus every DigiCert Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate comes with an Unlimited Server License.

Wildcard (WC)Certificates

A wildcard certificate will secure all sub-domains of a given domain within a single certificate. Useful if you have multiple sub-domains that all need encryption. We can provide DV and OV wildcard certificates. EV is not currently available as wildcard.

Code Signing

Code Signing (CS)Certificates

Using a code signing certificate to distribute your software helps your customers trust what they are installing. It provides them with the peace of mind they are using legitimate software provided by you and not something rogue or infected with malware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the SSL certificate requires some knowledge of HTML language and programming, we recommend that you use a programmer to install your certificate.

At any time, you can contact us and we will answer all your questions and assist you if necessary.